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Consultant Hektor


Invited Consultant

Advocate, license number 1806

/The position in the company and the field of specialization/ Hektor Sardaryan is an invited consultant at the "LSA" law firm. He specializes in the field of criminal law.

Experience/ He has many years of work experience in the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation. His work experience as an investigator and prosecutor in the investigative bodies of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation exceeds fifty years.

During those years, H. Sardaryan held numerous high positions, including the Deputy Head of the Investigation Department in the Main Transport Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation and the Deputy Military Prosecutor in the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia, among others.

He was twice awarded the Best Investigator award of the Russian Federation.

He was a member of the Justice Council of the Republic of Armenia.

Hektor Sardaryan holds the rank of General (3rd Class State Counselor of Justice).

He started his legal practice in 2014.

He has an excellent command of Armenian and Russian.