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Attorney Kristina Sardaryan


Advocate: license number 1281

Ph.D. in Law

/The position in the company and the field of specialization/ Kristina Sardarian is a licensed attorney at the "LSA" Law firm. Kristina Sardaryan specializes in civil and administrative law, in particular, inheritance, family, insurance, and other fields, and also has many years of experience in filing applications to the European Court of Human Rights.

Experience/ Advocate experience since 2012. She began her experience as an advocate at LSA in 2020. She also has experience as a lawyer in the courts of the Russian Federation of first and appellate instances, in particular in family and marital disputes.

Study and teaching experience, knowledge of languages/ She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University, then respectively master's and postgraduate studies at the Russian-Armenian Slavic University. She is a candidate for legal sciences. She has ten years of teaching experience /at the Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University, the Police Academy of RA, and the French University/.

Fluent in Armenian, Russian, and English.