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Legal support of transactions

The experienced lawyers of “Sardaryan & Partners” law office provide legal services in the field of making transactions, including contracts, legal assistance. The participation of a specialized lawyer in the early stages is very important in real estate acquisition, pledge, acquisition of shares or stocks, preparation of large commercialan and other important transactions. For example, in real estate practice, there are frequent cases when notarized transactions registered in the state real estate cadastre are later declared invalid by a court when a property claim is filed by a person, who is not a party of the transaction.

This is possible even if the buyer of the property acted in good faith and did not know that the real estate being the subject of the deal was a matter of dispute between other persons. By signing such transactions, the parties bear certain risks, and the role of a lawyer is very important for reducing those risks and making them predictable.

Our advocates and lawyers, get acquainted with the circumstances of the transaction, make the necessary inquiries in advance, collect information, conduct negotiations, present their professional opinion on the risks arising from the transaction, as well as make recommendations to reduce or exclude those risks.