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Labor law

The company provides high quality legal and advocacy services in various fields of labor law throughout the Republic of Armenia, in Yerevan, Gyumri and other cities of Armenia.

Proper formulation of the employment contract and agreeing on important employment issues between the employer and employee from the beginning is a prerequisite to prevent further possible disputes. The involvement of an experienced lawyer at this stage is in the interests of both parties and is a guarantee of efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation.

In case there is already a dispute between the employee and the employer over the employment contract, the lawyers of our office will try to reconcile the parties and find a solution acceptable for both parties. There are often disputes between the employer and the employee over early termination of the employment contract, dismissal, salary reduction, job responsibilies increase, strike, other issues arising in the field of labor law.

Lawyers specializing in labor law efficiently represent the interests of a emloyee or employer client in courts operating in Yerevan and courts in other cities of Armenia.