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LSA law firm

We provide high-quality legal services in various fields of law throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Experienced and qualified lawyers specializing in criminal, civil, administrative and other areas of law will provide you the necessary legal assistance to solve your problem. 

The company also provides complex legal and accounting services (corporate business services) for entrepreneurs. Team of famous in Yerevan and skilled lawyers and accountants with extensive professional experience will work for your business.

Legal and accounting services are provided in
 English, Russian and Armenian languages.

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Cost of services

The cost of legal services is determined after a preliminary review of the case, as it depends on the circumstances listed below: :
  • Depending on the complexity and type of the case
  • From the lawyer taking the case
  • From the client's legal procedural status
  • Scope and duration of work
  • Depending of the place of the service

After understanding the details and features of your case, you will be provided with a clear cost of our services.

And only if we get agreement about the cost of the services, the following services will be paid.

To get a consultation or to arrange a visit, call us at +374 33 374 375. You can also call at the mentioned phone number via Viber, WhatsApp, Signal.